Prep School

A Rich Curriculum

This section of our school is dedicated to fostering holistic growth, providing opportunities for academic, emotional, and social development that empower pupils to become lifelong learners, inquisitive thinkers, and responsible citizens.

All of our girls and boys study English, Maths, and Science, alongside languages and the Arts. As they progress through the Prep School, pupils gain the foundation to make informed choices about their future language learning. Additionally, they explore subjects like History, Geography, Theology & Philosophy as separate disciplines, often linking them through extended project work. Music, drama, and art are also integral parts of the curriculum, with pupils given ample time for practical-based sessions to develop their skills. Technology education extends beyond basic knowledge, with longer sessions allowing pupils to explore engineering, design, robotics, and coding in-depth.

A crucial aspect of learning for this age group is experiencing a variety of activities that develop skills for later life, such as high-order thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and creativity. A team of talented and dedicated teachers ensures equitable learning opportunities and experiences for all pupils, tailored to their individual needs and interests.

Curriculum Documents:

Discovering New Passions

This age is about discovering new passions. We value pupil achievement and appreciate that pupils need to be given different mechanisms through which to demonstrate their learning.

Co-curricular activities are a key part of Prep School life as pupils challenge themselves, demonstrate commitment to service and complete an independent project. This gives pupils the opportunity to think differently, and apply their knowledge across subjects.