About Haileybury Malta

Pupils in class

Haileybury Malta – Our Campus

We are currently housed on a beautiful temporary campus in Tarxien whilst we await the restoration to be completed of the Royal Naval Hospital in Mtarfa. After we move to our permanent home, our beautiful and spacious campus will cater for children from kindergarten level through to the end of senior school. We welcomed our first pupils in September 2023 and will be steadily growing each year until we reach our full capacity of 800 pupils aged 3-18.


At our school, we are dedicated to providing pupils with cutting-edge educational experiences. With a commitment to innovation, we ensure that our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to enhance teaching and learning. From interactive smart boards to state-of-the-art computing devices, we empower teachers to engage pupils in dynamic and immersive lessons. We integrate innovative software and digital resources that cater to diverse learning styles and foster creativity. By embracing technology, we create an environment where all pupils can thrive, explore, and prepare for the demands of their future lives.