Learning Support

A Supportive Environment

 Haileybury is a non-selective school, and we welcome children who may require some additional support. We believe that the strengths of every child should be celebrated, and it is understood that some may require specific tools or learning interventions at different stages of their journey through the school to achieve their best. We work closely with parents and any external practitioners to ensure pupils receive the support that they require. 

    • subject clinics
    • one-to-one teacher meetings
    • peer support programmes
    • mentoring
    • specialist Learning Support or English as an Additional Language 

These measures will enable all pupils to be successful, lifelong, independent learners.

Pupils in class

A Targeted Approach

At Haileybury Malta, our teachers are not just educators; they’re dedicated mentors committed to nurturing every pupil’s academic growth and success. With a profound belief in the unique potential of each pupil, our teachers go above and beyond to provide personalised support tailored to individual needs. This commitment extends beyond the confines of the classroom; our curriculum design, lesson planning, and out-of-class support are meticulously targeted to ensure that every pupil receives the guidance and resources they need to thrive. We strive to create an environment where every student can flourish academically and reach their fullest potential.