Our Community

The Heart of Community

At Haileybury Malta, we take great pride in our vibrant house system, which not only fosters a sense of community but also serves as a cornerstone in monitoring the mental well-being of our students. Pupils find a supportive network of peers and staff who are there to uplift and encourage them every step of the way.  

At the heart of the Haileybury ethos lies a spirit of adventure and exploration. We wholeheartedly encourage our pupils to embrace new opportunities, step out of their comfort zones, and seize every chance to broaden their horizons. Whether it’s joining a club, participating in a sports team, or taking on leadership roles, we believe that by getting involved and trying new things, pupils not only enrich their own lives but also contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our school community. So, join us and together we can embark on this exciting journey of discovery and growth.


Staying physically fit and finding healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety are very much encouraged, and our co-curricular program is at the forefront of facilitating this balance. By offering a diverse range of activities and sports, we provide pupils with opportunities to stay active and unwind, ensuring their overall well-being remains a top priority.

In addition to staying active, we emphasise the importance of nourishing both body and mind through regular, healthy eating habits. We encourage all pupils to fuel themselves properly by enjoying nutritious meals throughout the day. Partnering closely with our dedicated catering team, the Dining Hall serves up a delicious array of food that caters to the dietary needs and preferences of every pupil.  At Haileybury Malta, we believe that fostering healthy habits extends beyond the classroom, empowering pupils to thrive in every aspect of their lives.