Middle School

Finding Your Subject

Whilst the Middle School culminates in the taking of (I)GCSEs or GCSEs, the curriculum in the previous years is equally important and provides a solid foundation upon which pupils can explore their own passions and strengths in greater depth. Pupils continue with a similar core to that studied in the Lower School but they can start to make more ambitious choices regarding the languages they study and their creative arts programme. 

At GCSE level, all subjects are taught by subject specialists. This qualification encourages pupils to esplore their academic potential and discover where their interests lie. English, Maths and Science are all compulsory subjects taken as part of the GCSE qualification. Students will also be able to choose ‘options’ from a number of additional subjects.

Finding Joy

Our core curriculum retains an element of stability but a pupil at this point may wish to take on three languages, for example, or may wish to study art for a significant proportion of their timetable.