Welcome from the Master


It is intended that Haileybury Malta will follow a wholly British Curriculum up until the 6th form, following the guidelines of the various ‘Key Stage’ initiatives, including a full primary school curriculum. In the 6th form it is intended to follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme once the school has been accredited for this. Haileybury UK will support the Maltese school at all points of the implementation of the project and especially with the accreditation process. The IB Programme will allow our international student community greater flexibility in their choice of university and the country in which they wish to study in addition to the fact that this more broadly based curriculum and examination structure is clearly the way forward in the future.

English will be the main language throughout the school while individual students having difficulties can be supported personally in class and all students will have the opportunity to have extra English lessons with TEFL support.