We have some very, very exciting news from Haileybury Malta HQ!

Restoration work on the RNH Mtarfa continues and we are delighted to see the progress. No new school, however, comes without challenges along the way and this project is no different. During the restoration process some concerns were raised about the integrity of the roof of the RNH Mtarfa, and further testing has come back confirming that additional work needs to take place before we are satisfied that the site is safe for staff and pupils.

However, we are delighted that we have secured an alternative campus at the charming and award-winning Villa Aspinall, in Tarxien, for our first year of operation. The building work at Mtarfa can now continue at great speed as there will be no pupils on site, so therefore the project will be completed much sooner.

It goes without saying that staffing, curriculum and pastoral care remain entirely unchanged and that your child will still benefit from the excellent level of education that you would expect from Haileybury Malta. The villa, and its neighbouring building, will be equipped with full ICT facilities, a bespoke science laboratory, an art studio, various performing arts spaces, a refectory, and there are sporting facilities available to us nearby.